New Moon in Aries: Tarot Tough Love

This New Moon in Aries got super duper real with me.  Talk about Tarot Tough Love!  I haven’t had a chance to really sit down with my cards and fully check in with my Self in quite some time and I could feel the Aries fire burning brightly and a little more tumultuous than normal (quite possibly being fanned by my Libra airiness) really wanting a full-on check in.  So, I grabbed my favorite decks, invited my Spirit Squad in and asked, “Hey Self, what do you really, really want?”

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Sagittarius New Moon Spread

I haven’t posted a proper reading in a while and for that, I sincerely apologize.  2016 has been quite transformational to say the least, am I right?!  I feel like I have been reading cards pretty regularly but blogging, eh, not so much…(I’ll change that!)

I had not planned on doing anything for this particular New Moon but I felt called to as I looked outside to the gloomy sky on Monday afternoon.  With everything going on around the world, it felt like a good time to check in.  What say you, cards?

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Creativity, Courage, Commitment – A Spread

One word that has been popping up for me since I woke up yesterday: Surrender.​  Surrender to this, surrender to that…surrender to…The Universe.  Instead of feeling quite like surrender meant “giving up”, I took it as “stop resisting”.  I think Louise Androlia feels the same way!  In fact, it was a link to her Surrender spread that made me aware of that word in my consciousness at that moment.  I felt the ripple effects for the rest of the day, too!

Although the spread featured here is not Louise Androlia’s Surrender spread, I felt like Beth’s Creativity, Courage and Commitment spread was quite complimentary to yesterday’s theme.  Speaking of compliments, check out how sweetly the Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards compliment my beautiful Linestrider!  I felt so intensely about this reading and The Archer, so I compared notes 🙂

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The Archer – A New Moon in Sagittarius Spread

I have been seeing a lot of posts floating around the interwebs about this last New Moon of 2015 and it’s making me think about what I really want.  To add even more flair to that, I’ve been flooded with messages about Solar Plexus healing through synchronicities on social media and clairaudient convos with my Guides and Higher Self about Solar Plexus healing.  Why now?  Why not?!  I wrote down some awesome prompts from Shonna (at Ace of Stars Tarot) that got me thinking  about how to *finally* start healing my Solar Plexus and start releasing what I shouldn’t be carrying anymore.

For today’s New Moon, I asked my inner Katniss about my career prospects using Lisa (at Angelorum)’s super fun Archer Spread  and to figure out where that was headed as we head into the New Year.  What will be left behind in 2015?  What will charge ahead for 2016?

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New Moon Spread

Linestrider Layout Magical Unicorns Layout

Phew!  What a crazy few weeks I tell ya!  The other night, I decided to pull my cards out and get back in touch with my spiritual self after having a long conversation with my boyfriend about why I was feeling guilty about taking such an extended break from my spiritual practice.  I mean, I had started some wonderful Instagram challenges that involved Shadow Work and Inner Work, I had decided I wanted to do start diving in to my Inner Child and seeing what was there, and I was going to join a few of my coworkers in the Oprah and Deepak Meditation Challenge but…I put everything away.  Not just because I was packing.  In fact, I left all my spiritual items out until the very last second.  So why was I so neglectful of my spiritual practice for this long?

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New Moon In Leo Reading

New Moon In Leo 08142015 Ethony's New Moon Spread 08142015Friday night, I decided to have myself a little party of sorts!  I originally hadn’t planned on doing anything major during this New Moon but after I watched Maria Mextli‘s New Moon Intention Setting video on Periscope (aka: the reason I rejoined Twitter!) I felt like I should totally get my New Moon Intention Setting jam on!

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