Tarot Wheel of the Year 2016 – May Card

I like to think that April was quite victorious for me with a lot more truth-speaking than usual for a non-feather-ruffler like myself. How about you?  Was April as victorious as you thought?  What does that mean for May?

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We Are Full of Colors


I have always been intrigued by Auras and Aura photography.  It’s so magical that the electrical sensors you place your hands on reveal your energetic field to be picked up on film.  I was so excited to learn that my local metaphysical store hosted an Aura photographer for Valentine’s weekend.  Then I found out that Radiant Human would be stopping through Atlanta on their tour that same weekend!  Love it!  So now the question is: What do all these pretty colors mean?

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Leo Full Moon – A Spread

Tonight’s Full Moon in Leo feels like a big one.  I don’t know why but something about it does.  I think that part of me is realizing that I have missed doing my New and Full Moon rituals at my old apartment in my own space and quiet time.  And on these Moons, I would also bring all of my crystals friends out to my closed-in deck to cleanse them with Sage or Palo Santo or both.  While I love my current living situation, one thing is missing: an outdoor deck.  I’m not a huge fan of bringing my crystals out to the common area of the parking lot area at my apartment complex.  Cleansing my crystals and decks is very sacred to me and not something I want to do while “on display”.

I decided I needed a new ritual, especially since it snowed last night and it’s way too cold to be outside for too long, says the Puerto Rican living in Atlanta.  Winter and I do not get along.  Yes, I enjoy the stillness and calm that Winter brings but I don’t enjoy bundling up.  I’m still fine-tuning my indoor Winter Weather Advisory ritual and so far, I’m feeling pretty good.  Lots of candles, incense, and Palo Santo burning away!

Luckily for us, this fiery Full Moon feels transformative.  Maybe because it’s the first Full Moon on 2016.  Maybe because it’s in confident, ambitious Leo.  Either way, I’m loving the energies and I want to capitalize on these transformative, ambitious energies as much as I can!

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Two 3-Card Readings


I love it when the cards want to play!  While catching up on my stories (aka Fringe marathon), my Prisma Visions deck was making quite the ruckus.  What in the heck was going on that had the cards shaken up?

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Creativity, Courage, Commitment – A Spread

One word that has been popping up for me since I woke up yesterday: Surrender.​  Surrender to this, surrender to that…surrender to…The Universe.  Instead of feeling quite like surrender meant “giving up”, I took it as “stop resisting”.  I think Louise Androlia feels the same way!  In fact, it was a link to her Surrender spread that made me aware of that word in my consciousness at that moment.  I felt the ripple effects for the rest of the day, too!

Although the spread featured here is not Louise Androlia’s Surrender spread, I felt like Beth’s Creativity, Courage and Commitment spread was quite complimentary to yesterday’s theme.  Speaking of compliments, check out how sweetly the Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards compliment my beautiful Linestrider!  I felt so intensely about this reading and The Archer, so I compared notes 🙂

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Advice from Archangels – A Spread

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!  I spent the weekend visiting my Moms in Jacksonville.  While I enjoyed the quality family time we spent together, I can’t help but say that I identify completely with the card in the first position of this spread.

Because I had so much fun with Vix’s New Moon Spread, I felt compelled to try her Advice from Archangels Spread.

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