Thoughts on Lack, Belonging, and Saturn

The other night, I was listening to a webinar featuring Hypnotherapist Marisa Peer.  The topic was about rejection and she took us through a short hypnotherapy session to go back to the first time we felt rejection.  Needless to say, the session brought a lot of ~feels~, which got me thinking…

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My Morning Ritual

During Elle North‘s amazing 7 Days of Sacred earlier this year, I picked up a piece of beautiful advice from the Facebook group that turned into the foundation of my morning ritual.  I forget who it came from (sorry!) but it was so powerful and I can’t wake up without it!  ❤

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Spiritual Sunday


Yesterday, as I was preparing to attend Teal Swan’s Online Synchronization Workshop,  I felt a strong pull to ground, center and protect myself.  While scrolling through my Spiritual Facebook feed, I came across a message in the Angel, Oracle, and Tarot cards group that led me to the most amazing video!  I highly suggest you do it for yourself and experience the wonderful healing from Archangel Michael!

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