Two 3-Card Readings


I love it when the cards want to play!  While catching up on my stories (aka Fringe marathon), my Prisma Visions deck was making quite the ruckus.  What in the heck was going on that had the cards shaken up?

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A Wonderful Read with The Soul’s Journey Cards

wolfmoonspread_09122015Over on the ol’ Tumblr space, I’m taking part in WolfMoon Tarot‘s 3-Card September.  I had so much fun participating in 3-Card June that I had to give it another go!

What are the beautiful new cards accompanying my beautiful Tarot of Delphi?  They’re the Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards.  I had been seeing them in practically every post on Instagram!  IGer fabianslight used them in a beautiful reading for me so I was intrigued.  I couldn’t find them at my regular Metaphysical store (maybe out of stock when I went?) so I had been planning on ordering them.  This morning, I went to pick up a new Self-Love September journal (my old one isn’t working for me for some reason) and I found myself in the New Age section.  There, I was checking out the Angel Oracles – something that has been on my mind lately.  I’m in the market for an Angel Oracle but none of the ones on the shelves were speaking to me.  As I started to walk away bummed out, I looked over at another section and there they were: the Soul’s Journey cards!  Of course I snatched them right up!  I gave them a good Sage cleanse and added them to my 3-Card September reading.  Let’s take a look!

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