Full Moon Fire Eclipse – A Spread

FullMoonEclipse_09272015Remember the intense Full Harvest Aries Super Blood Moon Eclipse was last Sunday?  There was a wonderful spread by Star Leon Tarot on Instagram that I had to try!  I wanted to watch the eclipse but it had been raining all day and it was super cloudy all night.  Sad face.

1) Shadow Self: Seven of Wands

Feeling like I always have to prove myself.  Being a woman in a man’s profession, I feel like I’m constantly having to work twice as hard, if not harder, to prove I know what I’m doing and/or talking about.  It’s insanely frustrating.  Add on top of that being a minority.  I’m Puerto Rican but I’m often mistaken for Mexican or Middle Eastern, which is fine but I’d rather people ask before they assume they know me or my story.
2) What I need to let go of: Four of Swords

I think this is telling me that I need to let go of my need to stay in the shadows.  I always joke that I went to school to stay behind the cameras for a reason.  I don’t like being in the spotlight but I think it’s my time to step out and raise my voice!  I’ve been slowly working on this and I’m happy to see this card here because, to me, it’s reinforcing that I’m on the right path.
3) My spiritual state: Four of Wands

How can I not be happy with this card here?!  This card is about celebration, taking a pause from the every day and celebrating small victories!  I just wrapped up my Spirit Guides and Angels 101 class, which has been great because I’ve been able to open up more about my own experiences and hearing others’ without the fear of judgement or confusion.  I started a “Secret” Facebook Page for my Tarot and Spirit works, which I have been on the fence about for ages.  I took the plunge and I’m hoping you’ll join me there!  🙂
4) Message + advice from a Lunar Deity: Four of Cups

Introspection is okay, but I can’t stay in it for too long (looking to you, Four of Swords).  Or maybe the Lunar Deity is advising me to spend more time in meditation.  Since my SG&A course is over, I’m planning on continuing with the meditations provided to me over the month-long course.
5) How can I build my confidence? XII The One Torn Asunder

Okay, this one tripped me up.  The whole time, I had been thinking this card was The Tower when really, it’s The Hanged Man.  I didn’t even look at the number to make the connection, I just went off of the title of the card!  The One Torn Asunder is quite ominous and I guess I just associated that with The Tower.  Oops!  Rookie mistake!  Building my confidence is as easy as changing my perspective and letting go of old ways and things that don’t do me any good.  Haha, yeah because it’s that’s easy, right?!  Over the past year, my perspective has definitely changed.  Just this morning I was observing that I have shifted from my usual knee-jerk reaction of anger and rage to more of love and compassion.  Some people have been confused by it, others have enjoyed it.  I have been enjoying my gradual transformation.  Living with more love is so much better, I’m almost mad at myself for not having listened to the various people who have brought that up over my life so far!  I guess we all learn in Divine Time, right?
6) Where do I need to take charge? IV The Emperor

Here’s a nod towards my Fours: Swords, Cups and Wands.  I need to take charge, step out of the shadows and raise my voice.  I don’t like having a lot of control because, as a Libra, I don’t like making that final decision because what if it doesn’t work out?  What if people get upset with me?  What if blah blah blah.  Sounds like a cop-out or like I’m in constant victim-hood but really, I was so wrapped up in living in fear that I have never really given myself a chance to explore what it would be like being an Emperor (or Empress), so to speak.  I need to stop being so timid and speak and stand up for myself.

7) Where do I need to take risks? XI Justice

Sweet Libra Justice.  I love balance.  I love being fair to everyone.  I don’t like anyone to feel excluded.  I feel a theme here!  Just look at my previous Emperor – it’s all there: take charge, speak up and try not to feel bad when others don’t respond the way you’d like them to.  You gotta crack a few eggs to make an omelet ,right?  It’s okay to tip the scales one way or another because sometimes, life isn’t fair and it’s okay if you aren’t either – but only if it’s for the Highest Good and Greatest Good of all.
8) How can I develop my psychic awareness? Six of Coins

This kind of goes back to my Four of Wands: celebrating and sharing my Spiritual journey.  I have found that I’m unconsciously joining lots of Tarot and Spiritual FB groups to learn and share my metaphysical experiences.  I’m looking to connect with more like-minded people so that we can share more tips to further open up and develop my psychic awareness and if I can help others, I’d be more than happy to!  Sharing is caring!
9) What intentions/goals should I set to live my life purpose? Three of Swords

This one kind of tripped me up a little too, because this card is usually about heartache, sorrow, grief and loss, which are all things no one looks forward to, right?  I’m not entirely sure what this means here.  Maybe this means cut ties to things that no longer serve me.  I have been think about that  lot lately and even though my job doesn’t serve me, I haven’t found anything that does just yet.  I can’t just quit because my boyfriend and I are still looking for a new place to start our lives together.  Maybe after we move, things will start falling into place…?  I can only hope.  But work is only one facet of the whole piece – there are friends, situations, and people who are included here too.  I’m dangerously close to cutting ties with some people who have been proving their own selfishness time and time again and frankly, as much I would like to help and as much as I think I’m helping, I can’t do it anymore.  There are some long stories here but I think I get the message now, Three of Swords.

I hope you all had a wonderful Full Harvest Aries Super Blood Moon Eclipse!  I enjoyed checking out all the photos throughout the week!  And this morning on my way to work, I finally saw the Moon and stars for the first time in a few days.  It was quite a sight!  I’m hoping to go star gazing with my boyfriend when it’s not raining sometime soon in North Georgia.  I’ll never forget that night I went camping in 2013 and was in awe of the stars.  We’ll get there again!

Have a great week!


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