The Christmas Presence Spread – Part 1

Lisa at Angelorum is the master of creative spreads!  I had so much fun with The Archer that I had to give her Christmas Presence spread a go!  I was going to do it over the weekend but it just didn’t feel right to pull the cards out.  Why?  I have no idea.  I guess the night before the Solstice felt better or maybe it was coincidence?  Diving Timing?  That seems to be the theme!

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Creativity, Courage, Commitment – A Spread

One word that has been popping up for me since I woke up yesterday: Surrender.​  Surrender to this, surrender to that…surrender to…The Universe.  Instead of feeling quite like surrender meant “giving up”, I took it as “stop resisting”.  I think Louise Androlia feels the same way!  In fact, it was a link to her Surrender spread that made me aware of that word in my consciousness at that moment.  I felt the ripple effects for the rest of the day, too!

Although the spread featured here is not Louise Androlia’s Surrender spread, I felt like Beth’s Creativity, Courage and Commitment spread was quite complimentary to yesterday’s theme.  Speaking of compliments, check out how sweetly the Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards compliment my beautiful Linestrider!  I felt so intensely about this reading and The Archer, so I compared notes 🙂

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The Archer – A New Moon in Sagittarius Spread

I have been seeing a lot of posts floating around the interwebs about this last New Moon of 2015 and it’s making me think about what I really want.  To add even more flair to that, I’ve been flooded with messages about Solar Plexus healing through synchronicities on social media and clairaudient convos with my Guides and Higher Self about Solar Plexus healing.  Why now?  Why not?!  I wrote down some awesome prompts from Shonna (at Ace of Stars Tarot) that got me thinking  about how to *finally* start healing my Solar Plexus and start releasing what I shouldn’t be carrying anymore.

For today’s New Moon, I asked my inner Katniss about my career prospects using Lisa (at Angelorum)’s super fun Archer Spread  and to figure out where that was headed as we head into the New Year.  What will be left behind in 2015?  What will charge ahead for 2016?

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Spiritual Sunday


Yesterday, as I was preparing to attend Teal Swan’s Online Synchronization Workshop,  I felt a strong pull to ground, center and protect myself.  While scrolling through my Spiritual Facebook feed, I came across a message in the Angel, Oracle, and Tarot cards group that led me to the most amazing video!  I highly suggest you do it for yourself and experience the wonderful healing from Archangel Michael!

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Advice from Archangels – A Spread

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!  I spent the weekend visiting my Moms in Jacksonville.  While I enjoyed the quality family time we spent together, I can’t help but say that I identify completely with the card in the first position of this spread.

Because I had so much fun with Vix’s New Moon Spread, I felt compelled to try her Advice from Archangels Spread.

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